Tuesday, December 07, 2004


The debate now on about the speedway is a classic eample of greed. why?
Well when you buy a house you pay a bit more if it is next to a golf course - you pay a little less if it is in a high density environment, a little more if it has nice houses nearby a little less if there is a moterway.
... But what if you could buy a cheap hosue next to a moterway and in a high ensity environment and hten force all the other poeple and the moterway to go somwhere else? Yes you would make a lot of money. So it is no wonder at all that a person might buy a house next to a spedway or airport and complain about hte noise - they want their super discounted hosue to be worth a huge amount of money and why not? But it is a stupid system that would entertain such greed.
as with all such events the residents should have to demonstrate that hte event causes more harm to them than good to the comunity, AND in the case of somthing like the speedway (which has ben around for seventy somthing years) the burden of proof should be VERY heavily upon them.
I understand that the issue here is that the speedway exceeds maximum noise levels - but then one has to wonder - has the speedway got noisier? or have htese peopel been building and buying houses within a certain zone of a noisey place? If it is the latter are they not endangering their own health? If you built a house right under the flight path into the airport Obviously your house is going to have excessive sound.
frankly I thought the V8 street race should have gone ahead and I REALLY think that these residents should be told to sit down and shut up - or they can sell their property to someone who doesnt care so much.


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