Friday, May 26, 2006

My web of beliefs

-- Work in progress --

I believe in doing what it takes to solve problems like global warming and that ideology has destroyed most other peoples ability to see.
And I strongly oppose bullying

I believe in utilitarianism what I would term true utilitarianism. As a result I like the idea of a universal basic income on efficiency not socialist grounds.

In philosophy I like to resolve paradoxes (my position is that they have a resolution) the surprise paradox is god eternal the boundaries of the mind , free will , consciousness ""> types of people , selfishness and infinite numbers

I like to point out contradictions particularly in socialism Fisk and opposing those who assume their moral superiority .

and the related constraints the rules of debate
rules of life, Pascal's wager

I also predict elections NZ elections US elections, the Australian elections the UK elections, the UK local body elections (even though I didn’t know they were coming up) the Auckland city mayoral race, and a few more besides! Also sports e.g. the tri-nations and war


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