Friday, July 01, 2005


These are my fundamental principles in order

1) I am a Utilitarian - I believe policies should be made in the interests of all people.
Some confuse utilitarianism with socialism actually it is very different - this is what I might term "short sighted utilitarian" these people try to do what is best for people in the next few seconds. In order to make the right long term decision we must consider that things such as capitalism make useful tools, and sometimes it will be in the interest of all to NOT help someone who is in need because those resources are needed elsewhere or because he needs to learn to help himself.

2) I am a pragmatist
I believe there are no simple rules that always work. The world is full of greys not black and white and any simple rule will just prevent you from seeing the real best answer. For example, I see no problem with hypocracy if some unpredicted situation forces you to go against what you said.

3) I am not a wishful thinker
I constantly look for views that are against my own self interest and look for negative outcomes in my own theories. I see the lack of negative outcomes as just a result of you not looking for them. I think very few people in the world are honest to themselves.

4) I believe in logic
I think the world is fairly easy to understand when you are not looking at it through biased eyes. Everything from quantum physics to human politics is fairly straight-forward as long as you look to understand (even if difficult to predict).


Blogger W-HoledPhilosophy said...

I have something to say about this "I think very few people in the world are honest to themselves."
What if the person did not know they were not being honest to themselve or can that even be possible?
Knowing or not knowing...

7:09 PM  

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