Sunday, January 02, 2005

Good customers or bad ones

Businesses are getting smarter and are starting to determine who are good customers and who are bad ones

what does this mean? well no free riding on others which soulds like a good thing until you realise that like with insurance you will effectively pay for every claim you make - similarly every bargain you buy and every second you talk to the shop attendant you will effectively be paying later down the line.

Also as poorer and richer people become seperated by where they can go one will recreate a class based society. You can hang with a friend who doesnt buy clothes with you but not with one who cannot even get into the store.

Of course it will be more efficient though. One can ask why men should have to pay for all the staff and experiences that women demand in a store. My hair cut already costs only a tiny fraction of a womans.. one day (possibly) so will my clothes and food!


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