Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Python bewildered by reaction to tsunami tragedy

Terry Jones - former Python shows he has an even looser association with reality than his show did.

(via norightturn.blogspot.com)

"I am bewildered by the world reaction to the tsunami tragedy. Why are newspapers, television and politicians making such a fuss? Why has the British public forked out more than £100m to help the survivors, and why is Tony Blair now promising "hundreds of millions of pounds"? Why has Australia pledged £435m and Germany £360m? And why has Mr Bush pledged £187m? "

Terry Jones asks why we are not fundraising for iraq. well Terry Jones is welcome to donate. Somehow I doubt that he is donating though.
I suggest he donates to CARE. They are a good charity and they have a..... oh wait the iraqi insurgents killed the lady in charge and chased them out of the country.. hmmm that could explain why they are not fund raising for iraq I guess...

Donating money is useless unless you can get people on the ground to deliver that aid in a timely and effective way. And aid workers brave as they may be are not mercinaries or soldiers and htey prefer not to go to places where they have a high chance of being decapitated by the people they want to help.

Terry obviously was not watching the news for the last few months that could also explain his other stupid mistake.

He has equated the 100,000 death toll over several years due to all causes with the 150,000 instantanious deaths due to only the primary effect of having a wall of water breaking you in half. The direct deaths due to us shooting people (the equivilent of the tsunami) are more in the order of the iraqi body count ie 15,000(probably a bit lower considering their tendancy to double count and the fact that the iraqi body count counts deaths by all sorts of other means).

"Nobody is making this sort of fuss about all the people killed in Iraq"

In case he has been living on another planet there have probably been several times more articles on iraqi deaths than tsunami deaths over the last few years. Soon he will be telling me the holy land is "neglected". If he wants to find a neglected place he should look at africa. Congo anyone?


Blogger Illusive Mind said...

Donating money is useless unless you can get people on the ground to deliver that aid in a timely and effective way.I think this is irrelevant, what Jones is pointing to is our and the media’s willingness to rally to the call of victims of the natural disaster but not the disaster we are responsible for.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Genius said...

I dont see how it could be irrelevant.

If Jones is encouraging us to donate money to causes that can't use that money or will use that money to shoot other people then he is somwhere between ignorant and evil.

Besides the allies caused the middle east problem (israel) and the atention to that is hundreds of times more than what we are talking about now despite being smaller (by many measures) in magnitude.

5:04 PM  

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