Friday, August 05, 2005

Minor parties - democrats

the democrats for social credit (social credit) are a party that used to have considerable support (as high as 21%) and yet surprisingly do not break down their positions into policies like most of the other established parties do.

they seem to be socially liberal and favour profit from labour over profit from capital (don’t scream communist quite yet).they want to cut the banks out of the loop by using the reserve bank and to change the system to one based on credit for things produced as opposed to debt.

The major problem here is that the rest of the world is not using this system. Rather like the problems the communists faced it is very difficult to start your own separate system because the incompatibility with the rest of the world will result in economic losses for you regardless of whether your system is better.

So who should vote for them? Well maybe some former nationalists or communists who are idealistically in favour of labour and against capital or maybe someone who just believes their theory will work. Some policies are worth a look but you really need to be sold on the principle to go with this party.


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