Saturday, October 01, 2005

Iran threatens to hold back oil sales

Iran is threatening to hurt us by not exporting so much oil if we continue to hassle them about any of those petty little things like nuclear proliferation.
Here is one of the best arguments for everyone to get behind this.


Well the right can be quite happy about it - Iran is effectively punishing itself for its own attempts at nuclear proliferation. Besides that it is up to them to trade or not trade with their oil and the increase in price will be felt fairly evenly across the world although maybe a little more in Europe and Asia and a little less in America (due to Iran’s location)

The left however can also be happy - Iran will push up the cost of oil and thus increase incentives to use clean alternatives.

even if they only do this a little Iran's self flagulation is still somthing to be celebrated.

So Iran - bring it on!


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