Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mission survey

What a bunch of out of touch people the city mission and NZ herald must be.

Apparently the survey finds that
1) The furthest many children regularly travel is to the Otara town centre.
Many have never been over the Harbor Bridge.
2) Less than half are even aware of when their birthdays are
3) Schools regularly have to feed hungry children.

Now I lived in a fairly upper middle class family but thinking back -
1) I almost never went as far as the Otara town centre I cant remember going over the harbor bridge. Why? Well what would I do there? I had no good reason to do it if I had it would have cost about 5 dollars - something anyone can afford - but it wasn't worth 5 dollars to me strange to hear that it is a sign of wealth.
2) Less than half are even aware of when their birthdays are. Apparently this is supposed to be to do with parents being too poor to celebrate the birthdays. This makes me wonder if we shouldn't just take their children off them now for their own good. How terrible a parent do you have to be to not know how to celebrate a birthday without spending money?
3) Now this is a little more serious - it implies the parents are not giving their children food (gross negligence) OR the family makes less than about 5 dollars a day - because quite frankly feeding your kids should be the NO.1. Priority - there is no expenditure I can think of that comes above it.

That aside I did go hungry at school quite often - usually my own fault, I am a but absent minded I'm afraid. So nice of the teachers to provide food - a good community service.


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