Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bloody Mary

that was a great southpark episode - call me ignorant but I didnt even know that AA was a
religious evangelical organization
. It also raises a relevant question about whether this "alcoholism is a disease" argument (orany other similar argument) is not counter productive (besides obviously bneing rubbish in a factual sense).

And yet people I hear commenting (who probably havent seen the cartoon - go on about how it is purile and infantile and so forth. OK i was, but it was also very relevant and pretty informative - if I ever got badly drunk I'd now know going to AA would probably just leave be sitting there for an hour getting pissed off. Also I know we probably need someone to invent a better 12 step programme.

No ofense to evangelical christians but just because people should become christians doesnt mean its the best way to fix alcoholics.

Anyway it was a great show
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