Thursday, May 25, 2006

debating badly

Some people take things so personally
Richard (P et cetera) and Sandefur (Positive Liberty) have gotten themselves into a fight.
Sandifur is defending a pretty extreme position and Richard is critiquing it - pretty straight forward...

Richard kicks it off by saying Sandefur has transparently foolish opinions (compared to Richards beliefs). Sandefur responds by saying Richard is worthy of distain (considering his beliefs in relation to what he thinks are Richard’s principles), Richard them responds with a bitter complaint about excessively vicious attacks and intellectual dishonesty and uses his interpretation a single example to prove "beyond all doubt" that Sandefur is an intellectually dishonest person and tries to get everyone he knows to censure Sandefur, writes some emails and creates a post called "shame on sandefur" and threatens to and then deletes links to his site.

Interesting that Richard - a veritable policeman when it comes to debating civilly, then goes to post a post in defense of not debating civilly.

All I can say is "How's that working for you, mate?"


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