Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Role in society

What is a philosopher's role in society?


Philosophers define what a problem is (is it inequality? if so why? what is the moral nature of a situation with inequality? (maybe even - what is a white person?)
Armed with this Sociologists show "there is a problem"
Armed with this Politicians "develop a pragmatic solution to the problem"
Armed with this Public servants "enact the solution"

A lot of people out there who are running around with a hammer and can't see anything but nails. One key bias on the right is the bias to see everything as a failure to use the market and one error on left is to see everything as a class issue.

Sometimes one side is right, but the truth often exists in neither of these two worlds. If there are situations where neither "hammer" fits the bill both sides will often ignore the answer even if you prove it to them and neither will make a decent attempt to look for it. Worse yet they will propose explanations they are totally unable to defend and see how loud they can shout it.

Maybe we are all now politicians and public servants.


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