Tuesday, August 01, 2006


the greens are trying to help labour to shut down the Field corruption issue.

Apparently understanding orders if he gives an apology then that is the end of the matter. So the greens called for leave and someone like Michael Cullen wrote him up a Clayton's apology wherein he apologizes for anything we might have thought bad things about him on our behalf. (Since he did nothing wrong).

It is a very blatant attempt to make fools of the media and the public which is really quite disgusting from the greens who although a bit wacky are supposed to be honest.

"Unless formal questions are asked, and answered, the stain that hangs over Parliament will remain. For the Greens and Labour to have conspired to try to put a lid on the fallout from this affair is nothing short of a disgrace.

New Zealand politics has long been free of corruption and we must act to protect that reputation," says Mr Brownlee."


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