Friday, February 29, 2008

Xue caught

nai yin xue has been captured .
Not quite the police shoot out sort of situation that would have made this a 'super story' or the 'kung fu showdown' that it could have become with the local Chinese group deciding to capture him - but still quite interesting. According to tv1 yesterday there was only a minor struggle (talking to the marshals) according to tv3 (talking to the hotel manager or something) they 'beat the tar out of him". It starts a discussion about whether in New Zealand we would see such people as heros or as reckless or worse yet criminals who assaulted a criminal.

I personally thank them for catching Xue, and if they were a little over enthusiastic and hit him a few times, I can overlook it - no permanent harm done. It is good to see members of the public taking some ownership of the justice system.

I note Xue thinks he was a bit hard done by - he said "you betrayed me" (in mandarin I presume). Hmm - the idea that you should somehow be loyal to a murderer - sorry 'accused murderer on the run' more than any other group... thats pretty ridiculous.

Also Kudos to the grandmother and to Grace for not making a huge publicity fuss over this besides the obvious "happy about it" from the grandmother and the natural "mixed feelings" from Grace.


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