Friday, July 18, 2008

review for meet dave

Some pretty light entertainment. Basically some aliens comes to earth in their spaceship which has been been designed to look like a person.
There is the classic Mork and Mindy sort of "figuring out how the world works" scenes - well that makes up about 2/3 of the movie - and also some cheezy realization that humans love that thats really cool. As a result aliens decide not to destroy the earth. Odd thing is that it doesn't take a super alien genius to realize they didn't have to destroy the earth, they just needed some salt - well we could spare a few billion tonnes of the stuff for them I expect - if sea levels dropped by a meter we'd live with it - small price to pay to save a planet of aliens who know secrets like the unified theory... even if that didn't save their planet we could get them some to tide them over before they found another planet.

but I guess if you turn your brain off its vaguely amusing - I give it one and a half stars.


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