Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Richard Chappell is upset about people using his blog as a soapbox and questioning the fundamentals of his posts.

and then he does this
The pompous linking back to his web page in order to help out his page rank and to pretend that he actually won the previous argument (that requires quite a bit of self delusion) is particularly irritating - although Richard B manages to overlook it.

I suppose it is the academic coming out in me but it irritates me when people use references that don't exactly prove what they say they prove. I suggest people should be held to quite a high standard here because almost no one will follow the link but they will assume it contains supporting evidence and that a piece of work with many references is well supported by many documents.

I remember one particularly bad breach of this in the form of a professor's thesis that I read because it sounded relevant - I began to wonder a bit about some of the references and on checking some/many did not support his positions at all. A similar issue arises on blogs where some people prolifically reference sources and sound informed until one realizes they haven't read the sources properly.


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