Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Blind Spots

Philosophy et cetera talks about blind spots. To keep you political peopel happy you can consider political as well as visual blind spots.
I have a special advantage here because I have a blindspot dead in hte middle of one eye but not the other (and political blind spots by the million I guess heh). Well the blind foundation provides thoese eye slides that show it like a fuzzy dot in the middle of the eye and others talk about it as a space the brain fills in. Well actually it is neither it is jsut a space where no information is provided at all - not even its size - you cant tell how big it is. it is surrounded by a bit of fuzzyness but this is probably because your eyesight gets worse approaching it but it is almost as if space is bent so as to exclude your vision of that point (like looking through a special lense that makes seeing a certain thing impossible).
What that means is that you are seeing basically a raw unprocessed image of what your eye gets as information THEN in the next few moments your brain starts processing it and saying what you should have seen and filling in gaps and so forth. But while you are looking straight at it there is a possibility that you will see the real thing.
maybe that can be used on those wiht political blindspots as well as those with optical blindspots.
Of course the amount of time you have with the raw information (if you are not concentrating) is rather short.


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