Tuesday, April 26, 2005

racial studies

No right turn loks at a project to tracing human migration patterns using DNA.
A professor in NZ opposes cooperation since it may undermine traditions.
NRT notes

The only reason for opposing investigating those stories (whether through archeology or genetics) is because you know that those stories are untrue. But then if you know they are untrue, why believe them?

Well maybe we should all pose ourselves a certain question - regarding how committed we are to such logic since there is a related but vastly greater danger in this field than the one to which the professor refers.

WHAT IF you found out that, For example, maori are almost identical to asians ancestors a few hundred thousand years ago and, for example, koreans are found to be genetically predisposed to having higher average IQ's to the degree that a random korean will almost always be smarter than a random maori.

In that case some might say that racism becomes "justifyable" for example one might hire koreans if they think they are beter workers or refuse to do so because one sees the potential of a vast korean conspiracy.

If that is indeed the case (and it may be) then do we want anyone to know? It is relevent just after ANZAC day in that these are the concepts some of our ancesters fought to wipe from text books.

If future generations dont know - they cant use it to create racism and even if it is true - a constant flow of disinformation from academia might just be able to fight back the tide.

So do we allow such research that might jsut come to this conclusion or do we oppose it in principle as someting that either is of no value or is dangerous?

I leave the question open.


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