Tuesday, May 24, 2005


This is classic western education system .
Apparently you can get extra marks if you suffer a trauma

Type of trauma and % added
Recent death of parent or close relative - 5%
Recent death of distant family member - 4%
Witness to distressing event on day of exam - 3%
Hay fever - 2%
Death of family pet on day of exam - 2%
Pet dies day before exam - 1%
Headache - 1%

In a sense there is a point to this - education results should reflect future ability BUT - Did they do the statistical studies required to determine if these percentages are appropriate or did they just decide over coffee? Do you really think witnessing murder (for example) just before the exam is only going to cause a 3% change to your marks? And finally is even possible to generalize the effect such an event will have on people?

The qualification authority’s defence involves "The number of extra marks available is actually rather small, and in most cases they do not change the final grade." (But if it doesn’t matter where is the benefit?)

A better method is allowing people to put off sitting the exam, but if they must do it they should make sure in all documentation nit is clearly stated that it includes additional marks so the reader can make his own judgement.

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