Sunday, July 31, 2005

Family policy

The following parties generally support freedom of choice - Greens and labour and act.
The parties such as national, united future NZ first tend to be more traditional and will be more likely to pass laws that protect some sort of traditional values.

Family support and taxation - This generally relates to support for traditional family units, tax credits family allowances child allowances and so forth. As a social liberal I think policy on the whole should be neutral to things such as "the structure of the family". Focusing on things like this just for the sake of it is likely to result in compromises towards inferior policy.

I am quite interested in the green policy of a minimum tax rate of 0% as exists in sth Korea to avoid wasting time taxing that group. And the dissipation of good parenting strategies is a good idea however I am aware that often methods popular in academia are not actually good parenting strategies. What one needs are strategies that have been objectively proven.

I think there is a major problem where indoviduals are penalised in the current system with abatements and so forth when they admit they live in a family - or they pay more tax if one person takes on a second job and the other stays home. We should look into methods to make taxation and income neutral to relationship status and ideally also neutral to changes such as the above. otherwise the government is paying people to seperate, this is antisocial.

The government should make no record of marriage in this context and stay out of hte business of rewarding or punishing people for doing it.

I probably on balance support Labour on this topic.


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