Sunday, July 31, 2005

general principles

The first topic on the site is general principles

There are a collection of parties that are in favour of what I might term Libertarianism the only significant one being ACT. They believe that the market can run the economy all by itself.
On the other side of the spectrum we have parties that believe in equality and the government taking steps to ensure that income is distributed fairly equally amongst people.
Those in the former group also tend to be a little morally conservative and those in the latter group tend to be slightly more morally liberal. As paradoxical as this is philosophically it is a result of the age and demographics of their supporters.

I think this is an unfortunate division because in reality the correct decision is sometimes more government and sometimes less government.

Governments should leave ideology of this sort at the door when considering a new proposal and realise that sometimes buying an asset might be good for policy and selling it might be good in other cases.

So these parties can be aranged on the spectrom approximatly thus
greens - maori party - progressives - Labour - UF - NZfirst - national - act
the average NZder is around where UF stands or possibly just within labour (from most polls) and the average NZfirst supporter is closer to labour than national this means the major left party is "center left" while hte major right party is "right" take from that what you will.

Anyway to declare my position I am a serious floating voter - I have voted national and NZfirst in the past and have also been a labour supporter. I am currently undecided. But I am quite anti Green/Act.


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