Tuesday, August 16, 2005



There are two things that are troubling cosmologists
1) That the universe seems to have expanded at more than the speed of light. Comologists have proposed a clumsy theory that there was some sort of inflation of space but cant explain why.

2) That the universe seems to be accelerating despite gravity - they propose an anti gravity but again it is jsut a gap filling theory.

I have a couple of simple solutions.

They center o nthe fact that the universe is expanding at very close to the speed of Light. What if this has had some interesting effects?

the stars with which we compare ourselves are far away on some other surface of the baloon that we consider hte universe. In relitivistic terms time shoiuld have slowed for us relative to "center of the universe".

Now we know that if you went up in a spaceship and flew to a star 100 light years away and back at the speed of light your perception would be instantanious travel but ours would be 200 years of travel - similarly just as with the man on the Rocket in space we can travel vast distances while Experiencing almost no time change. This means that we can travel 80 billion light years in only 13.7 billion Years of subjective time.

I also wonder about the effects of other effects for example - at these relativistic speeds we are shortened in the direction of travel. Therefore compared to any measure we can concieve of the distance in the direction if travel appears larger (ie the space between us and the other side of the universe appears to be large because we are shortened and if we slow it will appear to shrink. It could shrink so much that we appear to return to the relm where gravity again can control the universe.
Or maybe gravity can already control it (ie create a big bang) and these relitivistic effects explain darm matter.

thee is a third point that at the universe level - matter defines space. Shortened matter may effectively define shorter space - what this means is that as gravity slows us the effect of us and the objects on the opposite side of the universe lengthening causes MORE change in the distance than the change in gravity itself causes - this means that it appears everything is moving even faster away from us by almost all normal measures.



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