Monday, August 08, 2005


I went to the doctor recently.
We have subsidized doctor’s visits for pregnancy - the government pays the doctors a fixed subsidy and the doctors are not allowed to charge for the visit.

I found it very interesting to see the doctor’s attitude towards providing the service.
He mumbled something about how the government was a nanny state and that he only got paid half of his usual very high fees when consulting to pregnant patients - he then proceeded to mention a few of the basic pieces of information that one needs when one is pregnant - rather less detail than I got from my sister and really requiring no more expertise than that of your local chemist store assistant. He made no effort to provide any customer service and clearly intentionally did not have additional information in his surgery.

You can be annoyed at the government but you should not let it effect the quality of medical care you provide. Maybe I am supposed to be annoyed at the state for not paying him enough to make him happy but I can’t get far past the fact that he is a doctor who intentionally provided a poor service I am just thinking. Negligence...


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