Saturday, August 06, 2005

psycho-bombers NOT terrorists

The left argues we should not call the bombers terrorists we should call them freedom fighters or militants. And usually those who are not of the insane left react in a knee jerk way to reject this.

But SageNZ makes a very important point. Calling them terrorists implies that they are actually scaring us. It gives them a sort of victory every time we say it. In stead we should use a more appropriate term like as SageNZ suggests "psycho-bombers" or possibly something with a more futile ring to it and say "they did not terrorise me - screw them".

Hopefully we will not be scared into over reacting to terrorism and also not scared into capitulation.

I invite all visitors to suggest some potential names we could call suicide bombers/terrorists. I am looking for something with just the right futile tone and honesty about what they are doing.


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