Friday, August 12, 2005

Fairfax Poll

Was labour’s student Loans policy a vote looser? I thought it might take some time and thought for that to kick in but maybe they have had enough time.
As I said to Jordan, the middle of the road people in favour of the policy will take a caning over the dinner table.

The seats on the most recent poll would be:

Labour 52
National 51
Green 7
NZ First 7
United 2
Maori 1
Progressive 1

Hat tip David Farrar

Maori party would do a bit better due to winning more seats. The televised debate should help UF, progressives, Labour but since they are fighting for the same votes not a huge effect, and hurt NZ first - in favour of labour probably.

Was not national well behind last poll jsut before the student loans policy?


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