Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Forestry Policy

Yet again national has been caught out.
they have alowed peopel to find out about a draft policy and brash discovering htat it might be unpopular has backed down making his party and his leadership apear weak.

The issue was whether they would allow the cutting of native trees on government owned land on the west coast.

frankly I support that policy. Why? well generally blanket bans are stupid things. If the native forest is valuable for tourist purposes or for some other reason then we can keep it but if it isnt then why not use it for some purpose if it can be logged in a sustainable manner. No loss to the environemnt and economic gain to the west coast and New Zealand as a whole. It seems idiotic to have a blanket ban.

back downs like this are often worse than jsut sticking with a unpopualr policy because it makes you look disorganized and weak. Having said that I probably would not have mentioned the policy at all in an election period unless i really needed to buy west coast votes.


Blogger Exquire said...

Let's not forget, National needs to buy ANYONE'S votes at this point. They're just bad at it.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Genius said...

that fact is hard to miss

9:20 PM  

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