Thursday, August 18, 2005

My theory of Inflation

Waves of gravity are expelled from matter - but it is better to see this as waves of space. An object creates the universe in such a way as to make there more ways to fall towards it than away from it - this means gravity results as a sort of diffusion towards an object.

Inflation is a commonly accepted theory of hte universe which describes how the universe expands faster than it should logically do - disobeying the speed of light apparently. It is required to explain observations about the universe.

But what if it is not space that is expanding but matter that is shrinking?
Let’s say that in order to create gravity each fundamental particle must send off a little bit of itself in order to create the "energy of space (refered to as lambda around .73 of all energy) Each particle has been doing this since the beginning of the universe at the same rate. The most fundamental properties of this particle will change as it does this at about the same rate - for example it will become less massive have less energy etc. HOWEVER any two individual particles that are close will tend to very slowly adjust to the new equilibrium (if they were in an equilibrium to start off) because it happens so slowly. But at the same time distances between objects that are very far will seem to accelerate into the distance.

Red shift is the way in which objects moving away quickly appear more red and less blue. In this theory however it can thus be created not by us getting further away but more fundamentally by us getting smaller relative to the waves.


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