Friday, August 05, 2005

Minor Parties - the alliance

The alliance is a combination of various issues based parties and so there is the potential for them to loose touch with reality in certain policy areas or to propose things that just won’t work together.

their main policy is that of tax cuts - first 10,000 dollars of income tax free (like sth Korea I think) higher taxes for the rich the net result being much higher and thus plenty of money to pay for everyone's pet project.

Now I support the tax cut but I am a little concerned that they are treating this like free money and not realising the distortions it will cause to the market the attempts to dodge tax the distortion of nominal wages and so forth. Thus if I enacted it would help the economy but if they did it would cripple the economy with wastage.

To give you a feel for their policies (which are detailed but still a little strange even when compared to 99MPs) they state this

"MPs’ pay will be linked directly to the top of basic scale for primary and secondary teachers with a 3 year degree and 1 year of teacher training: $59,537."

Sounds totally arbitrary to me and probably a policy designed by a school teacher.
Also it has little regard for how things work in practice just considering ideology.
Otherwise they have all the left pet causes - free education, lots of protection against unfair convictions harm minimization for drugs etc.

A good party to vote for if you are a one issue person and one of your issues is one of their issues. You may also support them as a generic party of the left. Having said that the greens are a safer place to put your vote to avoid wastage and the progressives / labour have more balanced policies that take into account the effects of their actions.


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