Friday, August 12, 2005

NZ Herald discussion topic - disabled parking

From my experience (although I don’t have the statistics I need) I think there are too many disabled parking spots, and that they could also double as 5-15 minute parking spots (many people use them like this anyway!). the reason is that I very often see multiple empty disabled parking spaces where I would like to park - This implies that there would be little loss if they sacrificed lets say one of those spaces - in addition I see people with disabled stickers who get straight out of the car and walk away - maybe they have a different form of disability than the ones I thought were required to get the stickers or maybe they are just the care givers for the disabled but either way it defeats the purpose. It seems to me that a time limit on the use of the spaces by non handicapped people would address most of the issues.

There is a marginal public good in making life easier for those with disabilities that might make it hard for them to walk far from their car but I don’t hate people who park in those spaces even though they might deserve the tickets they get.


Blogger Crunchy Weta said...

Cool cant wait to visit your perfect world.
By the way, here are the latest available stats from the govt stats site
"An estimated 147,200 physically disabled people who drove and/or travelled as a passenger in a motor vehicle needed parking close to where they wanted to go because of their condition or health problem. Nearly half of these people had experienced problems finding a carpark in the last six months. Two of the most common reasons were that they had not been able to find parking close to where they wanted to go (59,500), and people with no disability were using the carparks for people with a disability (33,000). An estimated 18,600 had difficulties because, although parking was available, it was in places which were too awkward for them to use."


3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what the stats are for the number of people without disabilities who insist on driving short distances, ( the gym) which they could easily walk or cycle, get a little exercise (pollution&expenditure free) who then complain about the lack of parking!

4:53 PM  
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