Friday, August 26, 2005

should USA spread freedom?

Should the USA impose freedom on other countries?
Putting aside whether such strategies work or not (I note usually they don’t work very well) where they do work should the USA engage in those strategies?

First - I note it is an impoverished definition of freedom to consider freedom to be freedom from the government and to imply that governments or even foreign governments can only reduce freedom. It should theoretically be possible to increace freedom.

Second it is a luxury of people who do not see the big picture to be focused on short term effects and individual events. In the bigger scheme of things as long as the rest of the world has a significantly different view towards tolerance your ability to remain tolerant is in doubt.

This means that you cannot sit next to NAZI Germany and assume that it is someone else’s problem. And it goes much further than that. US citizens should be aware that it is not far in the future when their country will probably fall under the influence of foreign powers. There is two ways this could happen. The first is that a country like china becomes physically stronger than them and starts to impose its will on their foreign policy and encouraging its preferred political system within their country and so forth. Not something many people think about and yet it will occur in maybe a bit less than 50 years. OR via some sort of global democracy where countries with higher populations (such as china) gain influence via that democracy and again can then impose their morals upon US internal affairs (maybe discouraging immoral behaviour of some sort)

This creates a separation between citizens and the government in as far as many citizens just don’t consider long term consequences that they will never live to see, while many leaders will still be concerned about their legacy.


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