Friday, September 09, 2005

brash - politician?

Brash made a mistake in some regards - but it is the sort of mistake a normal person would make - as opposed to the "sly strategy" of a politician.
A truly naive person might blurt out their first thought every time they are asked a question for example I might say "someone has released a pamphlet against labour who do you think it is - and maybe you remembered the national front supports national - so you go "oh yeah its probably the national front - they met with me the other day.

Before you can say "and I told them to go hang themselves" your have already cut your party off at the knees.

Then you find out it is some other group and both them and the national front are rather annoyed at you.

What you need to do is to not say anything then discuss it with your minders - do a few mock interviews and then produce whatever crap will make the public love you. Brash was a bit slow doing that - naughty him - but on what grounds are we upset about it?

Of course hte argument could be that we genuinly dont want a political novice - we just like hte idea but hate the result.


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