Tuesday, September 06, 2005

tax cuts

Labour is again complaining that tax cuts are not afordable.

I have some advice for Labour (I am an equal opportunity advisor)

You can’t win this way. This is because
1) You are taking the "ideologue position" the problem is that this is a no win situation in every debate the other side can say "well it is affordable if...." it is like fighting a shadow.
2) The argument is negative you are not offering anything you are just saying something is impossible it is a negative association
3) As long as the debate is on tax and national offers a bigger tax bribe then national owns the debate. You can’t win by complaining about it - you might as well buy them advertising space.
4) its a bit rough to say it but lower/mid income people and non politically active swing voters (the ones you need to get to win and those who should rationally oppose tax cuts) are in part that way (both) because they are shorter term thinkers. Trying to explain that they actually loose out from getting more cash in their hands just doesn't work very well at least not in the short term.

There are a number of other ways to frame it or to distract.

Also I note that the national still have a stronger advertising campaign than labour – A significantly stronger one. Remember it is the people who AREN’T paying attention that you need to win over not those who are paying close attention – most of those people decided already who to vote for.


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