Saturday, September 17, 2005

For overseas readers

Although you might not think so from the Election is over there is still two more chapters to be written.

The first is the special votes. There are in theory about 215,000 votes by people who were not in their electorate at the time of voting (for example those overseas) commonly known as ‘absentee ballots’. I dent know if all of these will translate into actual votes but most should these votes are not counted yet. They also tend to favor certain parties and go against Labour.

Also parties must reach 5% to receive seats in NZ - this means that if the greens do poorly in this special vote category they will get no seats - this will be a near fatal blow for the left. NZ first could also loose this way (a near fatal blow for the right) but it is unlikely.

Chapter two is then the negotiations. The parties from leftist to right are as follows

Maori - Green - progressives - labour - nz first - united future - national - act

Generally speaking one would expect parties close to eachother to stick together so the question is how they can best form 51% of the seats.


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