Saturday, October 08, 2005

NZ Meritocracy

Interesting site my m'lud
Running over some posts
"Goddam liberal cowards"
He notes that they are going to ban the English flag from British prisons apparently because there are too many Muslim people there who might take offense at it. Something about it being associated with the crusades.
OK we don’t want to cause offense but not using our flag because they might make some ancient inference? That’s just stupid - seems the easier thing is to help them to get over it just like we (eventually) got over their conquering the area in the first place.
Cabinet making
why oh why are people considered for cabinet rank not on the basis of ability, but by gender and/or race? It's a sin not restricted to Labor I might add, but a sin nonetheless. I don't give a damn how many women there are or aren't in cabinet. I have not the slightest interest in the range of skin pigmentation in the Executive Council. What I DO care about is that the people sitting there are competent and dedicated to being as frugal with taxpayers' money as possible.,2106,3434018a6160,00.html

All I can say to this is that I am in total agreement!

Green party hypocrisy
The Greens am saying that oil companies should absorb the latest price rises, rather than passing them on to consumers. Funny that they feel the prices will be unfair, but don't ask the Crown to reduce its considerable portion of the browser price. Why is it only the private sector that should make the sacrifice?

I find the funny thing here to be that the greens have just slammed into the problem with being environmentalists and socialists at the same time. They want prices to be lower despite the fact that they actually want to discourage the use of petrol... Can anyone else see a contradiction here?


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