Friday, December 16, 2005

Riots in Sydney

It seems to me commentators from both sides are guilty of the same thing here.

People on the right at times are resorting to complaining aobut lebanese - usually specifically lebanese gangs without noting that the surfer gangs are also a problem and not jsut an effect of the lebanese gangs. And peopel on the left are making the even worse generalization that the actions of surfer gangs and so forth define the attitudes of australians.

For example if it is true that lebanese are the problem then it is reasonable for a lebanese person to react rather badly to the fact that they are "the problem" and if white australians are seen as racist it is natural for them to be a bit concerned about the fact that the person saying that is being racist towards them.

The point is that one needs to remove themselves from this sort of analysis and need to develop some policies to make the situation better as opposed to starting a blame game.


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