Friday, December 02, 2005

Search terms

Kiwiblog is the target of some interesting search terms - so in a gratuitous attempt to get them to come here I will fufill all their search needs.

David farrar of kiwiblog and miss universe 2005 antartica went to the lipstick party with the gracchi brothers in luxembourg for the launch of harry potter book seven (now a bi more adult orientated) The book features his stag party involving police porn -- very funny pictures a police car and a condom and "lion sex" with a girl named jenna who has queef issues and enjoys la tomatina (tomato throwing fights).
Clearly hell on earth and more reasons to stay in iraq (and reasons to have sex) for good muslims on the left of the political compass (using the political spectrum test).

For any more info on David farrar and the new R18 harry potter book (the movies do seem to be growing older with harry) come here !


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