Saturday, January 07, 2006

Douglas Wood / Bob Elis

Bob Elis makes himself look like an asshole

No-one has yet asked why Doug Wood is still alive, unlike his Iraqi friends who were shot dead beside him in the room he shared with them. He's alive, of course, because Sheikh Hillali pleaded for him, offered money for him, and offered to replace him. And the Howard Government gazumped the credit for it, by, when they heard of it (Alexander Downer called it 'a tip-off'), ratting on the deal to hand him over and needlessly endangering his life with a shoot-out. Hillali, who risked his life, will get no AO and Wood, who said 'Never heard of him', will get millions for spinning his story in a pro-Howard way and keeping Hillali, his saviour, out of it, and shouting 'God bless America!' the way almost no-one does anymore, on his release.

What a greedy, graceless, bumptious capitalist pig he has proved to be.

He was scared, I suppose, by his 'debreifing', in which he was told (or I bet he was told) that if he didn't praise the Howard Government, and apologise to it, he might well be punished under our new harsh laws for 'giving comfort to terrorists' with his troops-out call on the video.

Somehow you are greedy and graceless to not suddenly convert to Bob Elis philosophy and oppose the governments if you are kidnapped by terrorists and are rescued by those governments.

In addition you are supposed to fall in love with some other contributing party that you have never heard of. What a moron....


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