Saturday, January 07, 2006


Father Joseph D. Fessio, who is the Provost of Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida discusses the pope and other issues with Hugh Hewitt (I think)

HH: Oh, that's very interesting. In this Steyn column, he pointed out that the reproduction rate in Spain, a very Catholic country, is at 1.2, that every generation, half of Spain is gone, not necessarily in whole terms, because they have inward immigration, mostly from North Africa. But I thought Benedict would address himself to this depopulation of Europe. But you're suggesting perhaps not.

JF: Well, I mean, he'll address himself to it in the sense that if Christians take seriously the word of God, both in the Gospels and in Genesis, they're going to be fruitful and multiply. As you say, that kind of a reproduction rate is not going to work. In fact, this year, well, last year, actually. 2005, there were more Muslims born in France than people of traditional French background. Within four years, the top four cities in Holland will be...most populous cities, will have a Muslim majority.

Now besides the religious alarmism in this what would the world be like if muslims outnumbered non muslims in almost all the western countries? It would seem a bit nieve to suggest that the government would not get considerably more islamic.
Also there would probably be quite a bit of brotherhood exhibited between the more and moe powerful islamic states posibly also a move towards the old "single islamic empire" concept.



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