Friday, January 06, 2006


I was a bit surprised by the rather glowing praise from our usually anti-Israeli media.

Something like

"And in other new Sharon the butcher of babies has slaughtered some more innocent suicide rights (death with dignity) protestors... Wait breaking news… saint Sharon of Zion the liberator of Gazans has begun a courageous life and death struggle one that our hero is unlikely to survive."

Even scoop goes from stories like
"evil (Sharon) sometimes wins"
The Secretary-General is deeply concerned about the health of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He is following developments closely and very much hopes that the Prime Minister will make a speedy recovery. His thoughts are with Mr. Sharon and his family

and the TV presenter cals him a man of peace and other similar praise.

I gues it al comes down to "dont speak I'll of the dead" or "nearly dead"


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