Monday, January 02, 2006

Science fiction

I like science fiction that proposes a new way of loking at the world that may indeed be true and investigates how this works. As a result some of my favourite books are

Darwin's radio - Greg bear's concept that evolution and things like altruism could be asisted by viruses (even though he took it to ridiculous level).

Foundation series (Azimov) - Azimov's approach to artificial intelligence and galactic utilitarianism is interesting but of great interest is how the second foundation trilogy brings in in the concepts of a wave of robots purging the universe of competing lifeforms. A safe strategy indeed.

Forge of God (greg bear) - related to the previous concept the idea that a civilization might put out ships designed to clear life from the solar system and to replicate.

Revelation space (alistar reynolds) - the approach to explaining the alternative scenario to foundation where a wave wipes out life this is whee it ends in a catistrophic dawn war.

I'm Sure I can think of more. butclearly Im strting to follow one path too much here.


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