Friday, March 31, 2006

Court (rape) cases

A poster on CBTP asks why a woman would put up a false alligation of rape.

Well imagine this scenario
1) A woman cheats on her partner (particularly if in an embarassing manner)
2) The partner (or family or whoever) finds evidence
3) Woman wonders how to cover for it - and starts to construct a less embarrassing lie
4) Woman knows the men involved are "dodgy" - in fact they may well be rapists
5) having foundsch a likely and worthy subject woman follows the "they raped me" line woman recieves a lot of sympathy and gains credibility hte more plausible the allegation.
6) slowly over the years a very strong allegation forms and rough edges are ironed out. Connectionsare built with rape suport networks and hte lie becomes very difficult to back out of - considerin hte men are somewhat distasteful they are sen to deserve it anyway.
7) after many years it is intergral to how people view the woman that to deny it would be to alienate herself from everyone that she knows.

Ofcourse alternativly the allegations could be correct.
It seems that there are many false alligations levied at people (I refer generally to false criminal allegations here), and in each case somthing like this is presumably occuring.


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