Friday, March 10, 2006

Nuclear secrets

No right turn
notes that one of hte old labour governments was involved in helping israel get nuclear weapons. Now I expect there is some defense
for example
Documents show that the decision to sell plutonium to Israel in 1966 was blocked by officials in both the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office, who said: "It is HMG's policy not to do anything which would assist Israel in the production of nuclear weapons." But the deal was forced through by a Jewish civil servant, Michael Michaels, in Tony Benn's Ministry of Technology, which was responsible for trade in nuclear material, according to Newsnight.

but proliferating nuclear material is a VERY serious thing. the person involved should be at risk of facing very serious charges. There was probably no NPT back in those days but surely giving away the nations most important secrets is worthy of some sort of punishment possibly involving a beach and a single bullet.

Guilty parties seem to be Mr Michaels and possibly Donald Cape and a whole set of nameless people.


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