Saturday, May 27, 2006

Elitist University advertising

Auckland University has some new ads on the radio


Some graduate phones in to a business provider
Graduate: do you have an adaptor for a degree that is not applicable in the real world?
Provider: is your degree from Auckland University?
Graduate: no
Provider: well you will have difficulty plugging into the real world

This is comical because Auckland uni (as compared to somewhere like AUT) is exactly the place that produces degrees that don’t plug into the real world!!!
What they do have right is that the prestige of Auckland Uni acts as an "adaptor" to a small degree but then again so do the programs at many other institutions that help people go from university straight into jobs.

So any new students - somewhere like AUT is perfectly adequate for fitting in with the real world - just don’t try to get your degree from a tiny no name travel and tourism institute.


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