Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Net Safety

Apparently according to TV3/net nanny (or whoever it was) we need to be more net safe. You should separate our net identity from yourself. You should not put any photos on the web etc. Now, despite the fact I effectively do this I don’t care much for those who tell others they must do it.

1) Being on the net is rather like real life - you could give a false identity to all random strangers you met on the street if you want - but who would bother?
I have met many people from the net and they are as normal as non net people in fact if anything more so (if that is possible).
2) It is a bit like telling everyone to carry a gun in their house or put deadbolts on their doors. these sort of hiding just creates a bit of an arms race and makes being on the net all the more impersonal - one of the things that they were complaining about.
3) It is a distraction from the real issues. If there are pedophiles – just catch them! If there is too much bullying on the net – catch the bullies! Don’t just tell everyone to run and hide and pretend that solves the root problem.


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