Saturday, August 05, 2006

Labour's controversial $446,000 "pledge card" and brochure spend

"Political parties could be forced to pay back thousands of taxpayer dollars after a confidential legal report found the money was illegally spent on advertising during the election campaign.

The finding seems highly likely to have repercussions for Labour's controversial $446,000 "pledge card" and brochure spend, which triggered a complaint to police.

Prime Minister Helen Clark's adviser Heather Simpson narrowly escaped prosecution over the pledge cards when police found prima facie evidence that a case could be made against her. However, they decided it would be unfair to single her out because other parties also used parliamentary funds for advertising. "

I suggest an example should have been made of the worst offender and the party that would have had the net positive effect (clearly labour).

It is a pity how corruption seems to have set in in NZ politics


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