Saturday, September 29, 2007


as DPF says

The latest Police shooting appears to be a good example of where a Tazer may have saved a life.

I'm always in favour of giving the police more weapons and more powers. The basic principle is that you dont criple your own police force - unstead you give them all the options and then force them to have the appropriate protocols and training.

To put it simply - if police use tazers inappropriatly then the problem is not that they have tazers - it is that they are people who abuse the tools they are given! the situation should be possible to remedy via more training, more careful hiring of police and more careful investigation of incidents.

The bottom line is it is easy to see a large number of situations whee having a tazer would save either the lives of criminals or police and victims, if it can save lives you should not entirely take it off hte table (although, of course, there might be a number of restrictions on it).


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