Friday, September 28, 2007

Xue from the net

A book about his style - apparently

Someone in 2001 asking about naiYin

More from his blog

Form and Push Hands Training. By Xue Nai-Yin. Tai Chi: The International
Magazine of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Volume 23, No. 3, June,
1999, pp. 42-43.

Some one writes about his training advice
When I asked Xue Nai-Yin, who taught me the Xing-yi Five Element Fist, how he could be so good in martial arts, instead of answering my question, he asked me, “Do you believe that I trained eight hours every day for many years?” Of course, I do. A recipe for success in learning a martial art is a good learning environment plus hard work and some talent.

Someone accused Xue of being a fake

There's a guy called Xue Nai Yin in Auckland who teaches Wu style. Perhaps that's who you're looking for?

The Chinese government apparently gave him a "Grand Master" title, though I'm not sure how much the Chinese government knows about martial arts!

His approach seems very much tournament based rather than traditional tai chi chuan.

I once pushed him over at a public demonstration. Shortly afterwards, an article (apparently written by a relative of Xue) appeared in the local Chinese newspaper describing the situation and boasting that he'd won.

His publicity materials say he's challeneged and beaten all the tai chi masters in New Zealand, but when I mentioned a couple of very prominent ones to him he hadn't even heard of them and had no interest in meeting them.

someone accuses Xue of being a fake and the NZ herald asks for some help :)

Xue nai yin is so bad.
He doesn't have anything.
He is so bad in his city.
There are many people who knows that xue nai yin is fake.
Almost his teacher don't think he is theire students.
Almost his pictures or technics are fakes.

If you want to know,please go to shenyang look for many master. They will teach you.


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