Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What Labour should do

OK I think Labour is well and truly in the hole now. They genuinely need a circuit breaker. So what to do?
well the airport law they rushed through was a decent idea, its something hard for national to support - they should a little dishonest when they do it. AND it forces them to move further left - so really win/win political and ideological.

There is a heirachy of desperation but labour needs to shake things up -depending on how desperate they get they cantry one or all of the below

1) Environment - make some tough calls - for one thing bring in some sort of a fart tax equivilent - not quite the same but taxing the same people about the same amount. Just slam straight into the lobby and dare them to make a fight of it. Make it really simple - recouping of costs.
2) get stuck into illegal immigration - and I mean this in its broad sense - in particular people brought into NZ under false pretenses of job offers and that sort of thing in order to work for less than minimum wage. Raise punishment etc. there is a dirty sewer waiting to be exposed there.
3) slash defense spending. Bottom line we don't need frigates, particularly stupid ones that don't work properly.
4) a broard capital gains tax as a way of leveling out house price speculation, -you could promise it - then bring it in when house prices have bottomed out or throttle/eliminate the tax benefits of declining house prices. Maybe a stamp duty on selling a house then flush it back as a tax cut to labour.
5) raise the retirement age - someone has to do it eventually - Labour should take one for the team - besides we all know it is the right thing - be the party of common sense.
6) change the banking system - give the reserve bank some more tools.

etc etc


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