Thursday, May 22, 2008

Richard's Quick Poll

Richard has followed though on the intent of my post on Richard Brown's blog and asked for a quick poll on whether people agree with Richard C or with Richard B in the sort of zombie related dispute *.

In case anyone thought that was just a veiled insult it wasn't at all. Although I have to admit I did have a dual purpose besides the 'truth seeing" ideal. Clearly this has become an unproductive debate as argued by both Richard B and Ricard C. Richard B expresses his desire to stop debating it but admits his inability while Richard C 'threatens' to disengage and keeps failing presumably due to his desire to correct the record because there is something wrong on the internet.

It seems like both are caught in a psychological trap. I was hoping Richard B would take that as an excuse to disengage - as it is Richard C may disengage instead - in which case all the better.

regarding the survey - I have to say I expect someone to SAY they agree with Richard even if they don't really understand the debate, but I doubt we will get a chance to drill them regarding their understanding of the debate (or that doing so would do anything other than start another unproductive debate) so I'll take it as some evidence.

* Sorry about the vague naming but what the dispute is about is in dispute!


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