Sunday, June 22, 2008


Two things that really annoy me about hte media these days.
One was an interview with a finance company I heard today, As far as I could tell the interview was entirely patsy questions, I would not be at all surprised if the company paid the radio station money to have the interview - and if they didn't then they at least got an agreement to ask only easy questions before turning up. Now maybe that finance company was a great finance company - but The interviewer could at least have asked something probing so that we could judge that.

the second was an even more common trick the radio stations pull. there was an interview regarding the English rugby sex scandal. The host cut to an 'expert' so they could ask him some questions about the scandal. This fellow then told them that he knew nothing. So we had a 5 minute or so 'story' where we learned that there was no story as yet.

Now I think this story is ridiculous (if the woman doesn't want to lay charges the police should let it go and so should the media), but maybe some people are interested. What annoys me however is that the radio station knew there were people interested and wanted to have a story - so they pretended they had new information even though they knew they didn't. To do this they used the (annoying at the best of times) trick of getting a 'expert' on to create a 'conversation'. That just feels like an insult to the public's intelligence.


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