Friday, July 25, 2008

David Brin on Chomsky

I wis I had thought to put it this way.
david writes about his differences with Chomsky:

Chomsky actually believes all his models ARE the territory, like Marx did. I consider all models (even my own) to be 2D flimsy shadows of an objective reality that I cannot boss around and order what to do. Hence, my dance from one perspective angle to another to another, offering lots of tentative models., none of which is ever more than 90% true.

Like Plato, Chomsky thinks you can if-then yourself from point A all the way to a tendentiously desired Point Z. This is a matter of deep and fundamental underlying worldview and personality, overwhelming objective reality through force of words and will and forcing it to fit his beloved subjective models. I know because I was born a magician, too...

...and I hate it. That way of thinking is exactly the way the priests always oppressed us. It is the enemy, at a far deeper level than all the superficial ways that we agree.


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